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      back in america after 28 yrs in anchorage ak, living back agian in oregon and loving it.. the coldest here is a warm day in ak in the winter.. now gotta get back in the swing of being able to drive places, but now have to pack a gun for people not animals… but we’re all animals at heart my wife tells me.. been a heavy equipment mchanic for over 30 yrs and prospect and mine for 45 or so with my brothers and friends.. weather isn’t a problem being born and raised in roseburg OR.. worked a few years in SE alaska and loved the old mines an trails/cabins, having to boat too most places keep alot of the places in good shape most of the time.. being retired now not my idea, but a very smart doctors, but at 55 things get a slow at times always thought that i’d work until 70-75 not any more.. looking into putting a claim on west fork cow creek, got a few places that look okay but got to pan/sluice them to see if it will pay for beans/gas… glad to meet all, hope we can talk sooner or later////:p

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