Where was the Frenchmen’s Lost Gold Mine?

An old cabin, high in the mountains. Located at an old pocket mining site.

Some have said that Lost Cabin Mine of Oregon and the Lost Frenchmen’s mine are one in the same.

Another story that may have its place in this Lost Cabin Mine mystery starts in the year of 1863 with two Frenchmen…

As the tale goes, two Frenchmen found a very rich placer discovery somewhere in the mountains of southern Oregon.  The two Frenchmen arrived in Eugene City, which at the time had less than 2000 people. They were trying to sell their gold, but the town did not have enough money to buy it. So the Frenchmen had to go to Portland…  This was all later verified by a townsman of Eugene City by the name of Elijah Bristow. It was said they had around $50,000 in gold placer in which was yielded in a short time The Frenchmen were said to have traveled back to San Francisco for the winter, living wild and rich, spending all their fortune. They came back to Oregon the next near of 1864 to return to their treasures.  This time they journeyed back up North by way of Klamath Falls.

At the Klamath Indian Reservation, the two men hired an Indian woman to cook and tend their camp. Months later, the ravaged and beaten Indian woman makes her way out of the forest where some soldiers were working on a military road somewhere between Union Creek and Fort Klamath. She then tells her story to some men who were stationed under Captain F.B. Sparatagus of the Oregon Infantry. The men searched for the Frenchmen’s camp, but were unsuccessful in locating the cabin or the mine. The Indian woman spent days trying to find her way through the mountains but, she could not tell the men were the camp was.  All she was able to explain was the description of the cabin and its mine. The woman stated that the cabin was built atop a rock wall with two fallen large trees on either side. And that from the cabin  you could see were the men pastured their animals, and also were they dug their gold. She said that their sluice box was not far from their cabin.

The Indian women made her way back to her people and told her brother, who was a warrior, what the Frenchmen did to her. Her brother vowed revenge. And as tale goes, he finally found the Frenchmen in their camp and killed them. Some of the stories say Indians buried the two Frenchman, some say they left them and their bones to lie.

This tale begs a question in every treasure seeker and gold prospector’s mind…’could it be that this place still exists somewhere in the Oregon hills? Is it possible that many people have crossed paths with this very place yet simply discarded it as an old hunter’s cabin, or even some old mining shack from a much later period? Could it really be that the secret location of the Lost Frenchmens Gold Mine is just lost in history and continues to remain illusive as the lush undergrowth hides its golden secret. Could this be the infamous place that, though many may have stumbled upon, and even claim to have found, remains lost in time, earning its place as an old tale that may, or may not be true?’

The thick and lush Oregon hills seem to hide their treasures well…