Martin Mackie was a resident of the oldest of the Southern Oregon Mining towns.  His story has its place in my correlation of the site location of the lost cabin mine, as I believe he too, may have worked the very same area.

In his writing, he tells of the lively history of his home town. Mackie also gave credible and documented accounts of the history of his home town and the wealth that was taken from the nearby diggings. He also clearly documents several searches for the Lost Leads and the failed attempts at finding them. Mackie’s writings may prove where the relative location of where the Lost Cabin Mine was said to be (where Set ‘Em Up mined his gold).

The evidence very compelling. Given the relative location of the Lost Lead Mackie’s writings, the history of the area of this cabin, bits of information from other various tales about the Lost Cabin, and the pictures I have; there may very well be a high correlation between the location of ┬áLost Lead gold mine that Martin Mackie was searching for and the location of the Set ‘Em Up Lost Cabin Mine.