One of the first accounts of the Lost Cabin Mine is from the tale of a miner, only referred to as Set ‘Em Up.


The story dates back to the winter of 1850. A miner frequenting a saloon in the well known town of Yreka California, tells the bartender to set ’em up for the house as he lay numerous gold nuggets don at the bar…”and keep them coming”, he said. “There’s plenty of gold where that came from.” The nights went on like this throughout that winter. Set ‘Em Up told of his mine with his cabin and nothing but gold all around. The man exclaimed that he had “..left the picked over diggings in California, and found fine gold in the Oregon country”.

Over the next couple of years, Set ‘Em Up made his winter retreat back to Yreka, where he always bought drinks for the house and spun his tales of gold. On the third year, Set ‘Em Up failed to show up in Yreka. The long winter left the many curious men several sobering months to wonder where their friend may be. And where was his gold?

This is where it all begins for the many that have searched for the treasure of the lost cabin mine of Oregon.