Well hidden within the Siskiyou Mountains: 2 cabins sit atop a steep terrace of fallen rock, 2 fallen trees lay crossing each other, and sit near the cabin. Several sizeable pocket mine diggings sit only feet away, in direct view of the cabin.
– Picture was taken while standing in a ditch that runs over a mile along the top of the hill.


An old sluice box still laying in camp, reminiscent of an earlier time when miners worked the nearby land for gold.



Many have claimed to have stumbled upon these ruins, generally described as being a dilapidated cabin with a sluice box laying nearby, left abandoned by its owner, and hidden well within the thick of the forest. After finding it though, they could never relocate it again. Or could there be another reason for it not being found again…? Maybe someone did find it, and not just once, but maybe many times over and over, where men took their fortune from the stake, and time lost it. Leaving it for the next to find

The creek, the cabin’s location, and the history of the area all date to period, which makes it possible that this could be the location of the Lost Cabin Mine of Oregon. After more than 150 years of men stumbling upon this cabin, and continually being unable to relocate this hidden treasure of the Siskiyous, could it be that the illusive hiding spot of the lost cabin has once again been located? Has the mystery finally been solved?