Once upon a time, far out west in a land we all know well, there wandered a weary miner. In a place where bear roam and herds of wild elk run in grassy meadows which sit underneath glaciated snow topped  mountains, covered in trees of gigantic proportions; There was a man seeking to find great wealth in the hills of this rugged new land. When one day this man found his fortune in gold. …and this is where the tale begins… in those lonesome mountains of Southern Oregon. The tale of a lost gold mine in Oregon that has been told for over 150 years. Inspiring the hearts of the masses, it may have caused its own gold rush into the Oregon country, for it pre-dates the first reported discovery of gold in Oregon.

In these pages, I will do my best to explain why it is a possibility that the site I have identified in the following pages, could be the location of the fabled Lost Cabin Mine.

Oregon’s Lost Cabin Mine has been a lost treasure since the first miners stuck their pans in the gravels of this country’s rivers and creeks. What was once lost may now be found…


The first tale of the Lost Cabin Mine can be dated as early as 1850 with the arrival of a miner who frequented the saloons in the early mining town of Yreka California.

This is what appears to be the first of the lost cabin mine gold tales of the early Oregon gold rush. The tale of set ‘em up’ s Lost Cabin Mine is an Oregon tale that may be correlated with the discovery of Crater Lake. For the men who discovered this lake were in search of the Lost Cabin Mine. Others believe that even the lost Frenchmen’s Mine, known to produce a phenomenal amount of gold in a short peroid of time, may have also been in a location, one in the same, as Set-Em-Up’s lost cabin mine.



Many have claimed to have stumbled upon these ruins, generally described as being a dilapidated cabin with a sluice box laying nearby, left abandoned by its owner, and hidden well within the thick of the forest. After finding it though, they could never relocate it again. Or could there be another reason for it not being found again…? Maybe someone did find it, and not just once, but maybe many times over and over, where men took their fortune from the stake, and time lost it. Leaving it for the next to find

The creek, the cabin’s location, and the history of the area all date to period, which makes it possible that this could be the location of the Lost Cabin Mine of Oregon. After more than 150 years of men stumbling upon this cabin, and continually being unable to relocate this hidden treasure of the Siskiyous, could it be that the illusive hiding spot of the lost cabin has once again been located? Has the mystery finally been solved?


The tales listed in the links on the left are tales that I believe are, or could be, correlated with this site and the creek by which it resides. This historic area is known for producing phenomenal amounts of gold. Its history is filled with tales of large nuggets and pocket mines of fabulous wealth and fortune. The pictures speak for themselves.

Like most things lost, we search for it up and down, and here and there, only to find that the thing we lost was right there in front of us the entire time, in plain sight.